Friday, February 5, 2010

Back to the Library

I can't believe we survived the whole three months.

Our bright, expansive, handsome children's department in the public library was closed for THREE ENTIRE MONTHS. Can you believe that? Renovations were apparently necessary

(the link doesn't always work, but it's totally worth trying it out because Rollergirls! In the children's department)--

but at times, I seriously wondered if I could last that long. I am addicted to requesting, online, large numbers of library materials as I think of them--say Sydney has been talking about death a lot, or we're invited to take a trip to Boston this summer--and having them sent to the drive-up, where I can pick them up at my leisure. For the entirety of the renovation, the majority of the children's collection was unavailable. That means NO copies of ! No ! I nearly expired.

And the beautiful, large playroom! Don't even get me started about how much I missed the playroom. Or the train table. Or the windowseats by the board books. Or spending the entire afternoon sitting in comfy chairs working on stuff while the girls browsed or read or played.

I REALLY missed that last one. The happiness of writing for hours, with the girls, without feeling like I'm neglecting them! And we've also gotten out of the house!

My time of trial is over, however, for as of Monday, the children's room is officially open again. Things are spiffier, there is new carpet, the children's DVDs are in a SHOCKINGLY prominant location, but otherwise, things are back to normal. Story time was followed by activity time, world without end amen, and funnily enough, the activity was the exact food coloring, table salt, and ice experiment that Lisa talked about over at 5 Orange Potatoes this week: Of course, we are very little, so we just watched the salt melt through magnifying glasses:It was like going back home after a long absence, where even though things may be different, you can manage to settle right back in just fine:Willow learned to read while the children's room was closed, so I think this homecoming is going to be extra-sweet for her.


Unknown said...

Glad you were able to find the Rollergirls video!

Anonymous said...

We were thrilled beyond words when the children's dept opened up last Monday! I baked them extra cookies, that's how thankful I was. ;)

julie said...

We're totally going to the grand opening later this month--perhaps the Rollergirls will be there, too!

cake said...

hallelujah! if you think we're happy to be back, imagine the librarian's joy! when i worked a circulation desk at a university library, they underwent a major renovation, and it was hell for the staff. librarians, typically, are not fond of change.