Monday, February 8, 2010

The 36 Hours of a Snowman's Life

It took an unreasonable amount of effort to make this snowman:
The children will claim that I didn't help at all, but the fact is that I rolled that entire head all by myself. And then I went inside, because I'm not really a snow person.

Although I do like to sled.

My Aunt Pam makes snow ice cream both times that it snows in Arkansas each winter, but even though I ate bowls-full myself as a child, I no longer find it sanitary. Isn't snow just basically air pollution on ice, or is that too paranoid?

Fun as it was to make the snowman, after school today Willow asked if she could kick the snowman down and stomp it up.

I said that she should.

And apparently that was pretty fun, too.

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