Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day

No school.
No work.
No grocery shopping.
No library.
No alone time.
Just this:

Best. Day. Ever!


cake said...

a great day, indeed. but i hear ya on the "no alone time." when, oh when, will the schools open again??

julie said...

Fortunately (ahem), Will's fancy-schmancy private school, in which they don't have to worry about little children not being able to wait safely for the schoolbus due to dangerously unshoveled sidewalks because they do not have a schoolbus service, is back open today!!!

Of course, Will's in the other room crying hysterically for no reason, which usually means she's getting sick. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Love your photos. If I had half a brain I'd remember to take photos too. Not.

Can't sympathize on your "no alone time" as I homeschool and never have alone time. :}

Hope Willow's not sick though!

julie said...

I'd just like to be able to pee with the door shut sometimes. Or take a shower without having to pop a head out to scream at someone small to give whatever it is back to some other small person. And maybe be able to do a load of laundry in the basement without having to scream my lungs out after two minutes, "I'M IN THE BASEMENT!!!!! THE BASEMENT!!!!! WELL, COME DOWN TO THE BASEMENT, THEN!!!!!" Other than that, we're good.

I swear, preschool (and maybe a couple years of middle school) is likely the only time I'll even consider sending my babies to school for three hours a day. Becasuse privacy? That could totally be nice, I bet.


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