Thursday, December 23, 2021

Pointe Shoes and Twinkle Lights

 The other day I bribed my favorite ballerina into indulging me with a holiday photo shoot:

Syd badly needs a new pair of pointe shoes (something to add to the holiday to-do list!), and that is always my favorite time to commemorate how a well-used pair is meant to look.

A photo shoot with Gracie is generally all the inducement Syd needs to submit to her own set of photos. For each of the next images, imagine me in Photoshop painstakingly lassoing and filling in about a thousand cat hairs from her marley. 

Ah, well... the marley needed a wash anyway!

We then tried to get some photos of Jones, but turns out he's terrified of roll-up dance floors and twinkle lights.

So then Will and I tried to get some cute photos of Luna, and, well...

Back to pointe shoes and picking animal hair out in Photoshop, shall we?

We're not really a Christmas card or family holiday photo sort of people, so I think this will do for commemorating the season!

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