Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Return to Tulip Trestle


Four years ago, we first visited Tulip Trestle as part of our study of the physics of bridges. 

Recently, we went back.

It turns out that wandering around the base of a beam bridge is a pandemic-friendly way to hang out with friends we hadn't seen in person since early March. 

Is the weather chilly as hell? Then it's even better for germ-killingness!

I had further, more sinister goals in mind for this visit, as I carried Syd's precious pointe shoes in my coat pocket. Syd is highly reluctant to get them even dirtier and more frayed than they already are, which is a very fair point, but after eight months of dancing en pointe in our family room on our boring roll-up marley floor instead of the variety of stages and studios that she so much deserves, she's a little more willing to indulge her mother these days.

And, of course, there's the ever-present railroad track graffiti to keep one entertained...

And afterwards, if one hits up another couple of spots on the Southern Indiana Ice Cream Trail, the better to discover small local parks while one eats ice cream on a park bench while shivering (one park had a genuine tank AND an old-school super long metal slide of death!), you've got the perfect pandemic Sunday afternoon out of the house.

The cats barely knew what to do with themselves when we got back, they were so surprised to have had the house to themselves for five whole hours!

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