Tuesday, June 29, 2021

We Spent Her Fifteenth Birthday at a Cat Cafe

 Because she adores cats, all cats, and always has

Because we adore her, and we like cats, too, even though our love for them can't compare to hers.

Because she still couldn't quite have the big birthday party or sleepover with best friends that were her favorite parts of birthdays of yore

Because none of us had ever been to a genuine cat café, and it is something that Syd and I, at least, have wanted to do since the very first second that we heard of it.

Because after this long, disappointing year-and-counting, I wanted my kid to have a little magic in her life, so I made us a reservation, made plans to meet up with one of her besties and her mom who were available that day, and didn't tell my almost-fifteen-year-old where we were going or what we were up to until we got to the front door of Nine Lives Cate Café and she saw her bestie beloved friend hopping out of their car to go there, too.

It's pretty hard to wow this teenager in particular, but I think I might have managed it!

We got a whole hour with these charming, cute, delightful fur babies, most of whom were available for adoption--and we got to see one old dude get adopted while we were there!

Some cats were super playful--

--and some were more chill:

Some cats wanted to be snuggle buddies--

--and some were happiest being admired and worshipped from a distance:

Will's coat is menacingly disgusting, I know, and I couldn't even hazard a guess about what on earth is all over it... but it's warm!

I think all the humans managed to become good pals with a kitty or two by the time we were required to leave so the host could sanitize for the next human guests, and I hope that all the kitties had a pleasant time making our acquaintance. They stayed there to become acquainted with some more charmed and admiring humans, and we went home for take-out Mexican food, cake, and presents. I bought this awesome sticker and magnet maker for Syd--

--but other than a morning spent with cats, I think my actual winning presents were this giant stuffed baguette (?!?) and a twelve-dollar 5XL hoodie, formerly used by some linebacker in our local university's football program and then sold out of a giant bin in the university surplus store.

Come to think of it, I might need to head back there and get her the matching grey sweatpants for Christmas...

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