Thursday, July 9, 2020

The Bunny and the Bee

Back when the kids were very small, there was a photography studio in a nearby mall that used to periodically send out the most EPIC coupons--one free photo session with one free 8"x10", no purchase required!

We never bought a single photo, but we have so many 8"x10" portraits from those years!

TBH, most of them weren't that great, so even if we hadn't been dirt-poor our money was pretty safe there, but there were a couple of gems from those years, and that above photo, of the kids in their Halloween costumes the year that Will was two and Syd was still my baby, was one of them.

I vaguely remember that we sent a copy of this photo out to all our family, and that one of them had it made into a present for us, but it wasn't until Matt was sent to work from home during the pandemic, bringing all his work stuff with him, that I saw this again:

And that's how his Father's Day present practically thought of itself this year!

I bought the onesies--

--the kids posed for a zillion shots, some of them super cute--

--some of them super weird--

--some of them that were supposed to be poses but actually turned out to be fights--

--some with friends--

--and some that were made of weariness at having to take a zillion photos while wearing onesies in the quite-seasonably-appropriate warm weather:

--and yet, finally, we got the shot, Syd removed my tacky bedroom background, and we were left with a true Father's Day masterpiece:

Here's my little bunny and bee! 


They haven't changed a bit in 13 years, have they?

P.S. Here's Syd wearing that bunny costume at age two!

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