Wednesday, April 1, 2020

How to Sew Lunch Box Cloth Napkins

I was surprised to note that I've had our original sets of fat quarter cloth napkins for well over eight years.

It had possibly been about that long since I'd made a new set, because our original bounty had whittled down to less than four--and obviously, the minimum that we NEED is four!

Fortunately, making a new set of eight full-sized cloth napkins kept me busy for a couple of days of this pandemic staycation, and while I was at it I made six more lunch box cloth napkins. The kids and I use these while we're out and about on day trips, but Syd thinks she'll probably prefer to take her lunch to high school more days than not next year, so so I let her choose the patterns.

The patterns definitely ended up more tasteful than what I, myself, would have chosen!

These quarter-sized cloth napkins are just as easy to make as the full-sized fat quarter cloth napkins. The only extra step is that after you've ironed your fat quarters, put them right sides together, and squared them off, you cut them into quarters:

Sew around the perimeter, leaving a 3"-4" opening for turning, and clip the corners:

Turn the napkin right side out and iron flat, ironing the raw edges of that opening under to match the rest of the seam. Edge-stitch around the perimeter:

Quilt a couple of lines into the napkin so that it doesn't get wonky in the wash:

And now your napkins are beautiful!

Aren't they going to look so bright and cheerful during our summer picnics, and in Syd's lunchbox come autumn?

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