Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pom-Pom Pals: Our Obsession Begins

As of now, knowing what I know, having done what I have done, I cannot fathom how, until last week, I have NEVER made a pom pom by hand. 

I mean, what?

I LOVE making stuff by hand! I LOVE quick and easy little crafties! I love cute little crafties! I love kid-friendly little crafties!

Friends, how have I NEVER made pom poms before, and even more outrageously, how have I NEVER introduced the children to pom pom making before?!?

Fortunately, as of last week, that has all been rectified. A publicist sent me a free copy of Pom-Pom Pals: Animals, and as the kids and I are winging our homeschool for these couple of short weeks (grandparent visits, big fashion shows, and a multi-day camping trip with friends have been keeping us quite busy without my set-in-stone by-the-week lesson plans, thank you very much), one day last week it, along with a documentary on the brown bear of Alaska, a Math Mammoth lesson and some cursive copywork, a couple of books about rocks, and a long hike through our woods to hunt for morels seemed like just the way to spend our school day.

It's not often that we start a craft with me just as ignorant about how it's done as the kids, and it was fun to see them read the instructions, more or less, grab the yarn, and set off making pom poms without looking to me for direction:

Syd let me help her make one of the pom poms for her lion--

--but Will worked completely independently the entire time--

--taking breaks only to snuggle the cat:

I mean, of course.

We actually don't work with yarn that often, which made this particular project much more of a process-based, explore-the-yarn-and-all-its-possibilities project than one in which a specific result must be obtained, and yet, with the addition of hot glue and felt and more miniature pom poms--

 --adorable results were obtained:

We spent part of today making more pom poms, just for fun--

--and I have to say that when I searched Pinterest for "pom pom crafts," because of COURSE I searched Pinterest for "pom pom crafts!!!", I found so many ridiculously cute things to do with them that I see no reason to ever stop making pom poms.

In fact, I kinda hope to make it to the craft store this weekend to buy yarn in Girl Scout colors, because I'm thinking pom pom hair bands would look SUPER cute with their Girl Scout uniforms, right?


Tina said...

Just when you think you've tried all the crafts...

We made pom-poms a while back, but I can't remember why. Maybe for adding to a hat at some point?

I LOVE all of Syd's freckles. Super cute :0)

So, what does one do with an army of pom-pom creatures?

And speaking of army and made up creatures, did I mention the book series, The Unwanteds, to you yet? It's described as Harry Potter meets the Hunger Games sort of. I think Will would enjoy them. I just finished the last book, it wasn't the best of the seven, but I still love the series.

julie said...

Because I totally need a new craft obsession! The pom pom critters are currently all living on the shelves with the Perler Bead My little Ponies, but now I'm thinking of making a giant pom pom bunting for the playroom, and perhaps I can incorporate them into that...

I just asked Will if she'd read The Unwanteds, and without answering me, she got up, walked across the room, and fetched book 7, Island of Dragons, to plop down into my lap. I guess the answer is yes! I'm currently reading the Parasitology series by Mira Grant. The first book was AMAZING!

Tina said...

Ha, funny girl. I enjoyed the series, and was super excited to be the first to borrow the latest book from the library.

Now that I am all caught up on the series I had been reading, I think I am going to stick to gardening guides for a while. I loose an entire day when I read non-fiction...