Friday, December 11, 2015

Have a Merry Christmas (Bunting)

After we set up and decorated our Christmas tree, I thought that there was kind of a weird space between it and the rest of the window that it sits in front of.

Obviously, the ONLY viable solution was to spend a couple of hours creating and sewing a brand-new bunting to fill the space:

And then I liked it so much that I decided to make another one for my pumpkin+bear etsy shop!

Of course, an etsy shop update requires a photo shoot, in which many amusing and odd antics tend to occur.

I said, "Just smile at each other. Look like you like each other!"

In our family, you really can't have a photo shoot without including a chicken:

I can't actually believe that I spent the time to make an entire holiday decoration just for me, frankly, as today alone I have three etsy orders to make and put in the mail (not to mention today's schoolwork to complete, tonight's Girl Scout meeting to prep for, a unit that I'm creating on simplifying fractions to edit, and if I could squirrel away a little time to bake cookies, I'd be pretty stoked), but I'm trying to remember, as we all well know, that making time to do things just because I enjoy them is also very, very important.

Remind me of that on Christmas Eve, when I'm weeping and wrapping presents and trying to figure out what to make for everyone at the last minute and helping the kids make cookies for Santa at 11 pm, because I spent too much of December making buntings for myself and drinking wine while reading.


Tina said...

The bunting is pretty :0)

I have a home-canned jar of apple rings in caramel flavored vodka that I keep thinking about eating. Eating them while reading sounds even better, though I doubt I'd get much reading done after a few bites. I can count on one hand (even if there was a mishap and a few digits were missing) the number of times I've had alcohol in the last few years. Maybe I should mail them to you!

I'll need the reminder to take time for myself over the next two months as we get ready to move. I have a couple blog posts up about it if your interested.

julie said...

Um, I think I want to LIVE in a home-canned jar of apple rings in caramel-flavored vodka! I do have a homemade apple crisp sitting on the counter right now (which sounds lovely, but I yelled many ugly words while making it. Baking is hard!). Maybe I'll go eat it while drinking vodka!

I 100% want to read your blog posts about moving--I'm going to go over and check right this second. I don't plan to ever move again, but I did last year's move so incredibly wrong, I'm pretty sure, that I super want to read about it being done right.

Tina said...

Ha! You give me WAY too much credit. We've moved a bunch the last few years, but I still have so much to learn! My goal this time around is to at least start with a clean and organized house for when the movers show up.