Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Recently Sewn, Kid Edition

Well, these aren't *very* recently sewn, since you can see our Christmas tree in the background of one photo, but they are among some of the things sewn by the kids in December.

Will started this project simply as a plain embroidery project, using a transfer of starbursts from my Jenny Hart Stitch-It Kit. After she'd finished the starbursts, she decided that she wanted to turn the project into a Christmas gift for Syd, so I traced out Sydney's name for her lightly in pencil (it occurs to me now that I should have encouraged Will to do the writing, herself. Ah, well...). I think Will did an excellent job embroidering Syd's name, in particular:

Aren't her stitches nice and even?

She then used my sewing machine to turn the embroidery into a little pillow.

Syd is constantly making doll clothes, and I catch photos of them only rarely, so I feel lucky to have an image of this creation:

Syd mostly likes to use tape and ties to construct her clothing, but she's recently begun to add in some hand-sewing, as well. 

More recently, the kids have abandoned sewing projects for elaborate block building, at-home aerial silks performances, and their ever-elaborate imaginative games involving toy horses. I hope to incorporate them into some aspects of sewing their Trashion/Refashion Show garments, however, so hopefully soon you'll see even more examples of children's sewing projects!


Tina said...

Great job on the pillow Will! And Syd, another great outfit!

Here is a post I wrote about some hand sewing Emma has done in the past.

I also have a pinterest board dedicated to life skills with hand sewing pins for Emma. These three she has done and enjoyed. (I actually bought this pattern and we really like it) (she has made a big collection of these that she hopes to sell at Farmers Market this year).

julie said...

Awesome! You're so right about sewing being a life skill. I have literally taken a friend's coat and sewn a button back on for her during a visit, because she hadn't the first clue, nor any of the necessary supplies, to do it herself.

She'd been fretting over that darn button for weeks, and it was a matter of about a minute to fix it, bless her heart.

Tina said...

My paternal grandmother passed away just a few months ago and I was kicking myself for not getting Emma back for a visit sooner. I would have LOVED for her to teach Emma how to sew a button just like she taught me.

I can still remember her explaining, "So, we thread the needle, you see? Then we tie a knot, you see?" I thought "you see" was annoying as a kid, but, you know.