Monday, October 14, 2013

Spooky Windows

We've got a little bit of Halloween zest going on at last:

Ignore the dirty windows, because that's all on the outside, and I just do not have the desire to haul my butt up on a stepladder with a spray bottle and a squeegee so I can show you cute windows (also, the last time I did that, the girls somehow had the windows smudged within the hour, and it broke my heart). Anyway, our decorations consist of kite paper papel picado from The Toymaker (printed onto cardstock at 1/4 size, then traced and cut out), kirigami spiderwebs from Omiyage Blogs, and bats from our own imagination, crafted with bilateral symmetry in mind. 

Here we've got more bats, a hand-colored cardstock papel picado pennant, and a kite paper spider from Green Baby Guide.

And now, as I write this, Will has twice mentioned that she'd be happy to wash the outside windows for me. Of course, this means that I have to drag the ladder out of the garage and over to the front windows, set it up, collect the gear and set it out, do the top panes of the windows myself since she can't reach them even with the ladder, then drag that ladder back to the garage when she's done, but the result, whether or not I feel like throwing a bag of sandwich bread at the girls for dinner and then passing out when I'm done, will be clean front windows...

... at least for an hour.


Tina said...

Fun decorations! I don't even want to think about decorations with all the boxes I still need to unpack from our move.

Better get off the computer and get to work then!

julie said...

Ugh, we have a ton of decorations still in bins downstairs, and no excuse whatsoever for why I haven't done it yet, sigh.