Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Latest over at Crafting a Green World: Scrabble Tile Pendants and Recycled Cardboard Numbers

This Thor is for Sydney, a big fan.

Somehow we lost ONE of the hundred plastic numbers we used to use. Cardboard to the rescue!
 I have a running joke with my CAGW co-workers that I can create some eco-friendly crafting posts that are entitled to use the VERY SEO happy keywords "cool math games." I am totally doing it, so stay tuned!


Tina said...

"I like the heft of that sword"

I love it!

As the hubby is in charge of math for now, I am passing on all these cool ideas to him. I think the number tiles will be a fun first project for the two of them to work on together.


julie said...

When I sold at craft fairs, my favorite thing to sell was pinback buttons made from quirky comic book text and images. People LOVED them, and it made me really happy to watch people crowding around my dressmaker dummy pinback button display until they'd seen every. Single. Pinback.

Unfortunately, there just wouldn't be any profit in trying to sell unique 1" pinback buttons on etsy (the nightmare of photographing and listing every single pinback--yikes!), but I'm thinking that Scrabble tile pendants might be do-able...

Tina said...

I remember the buttons. They are pretty awesome. Could you sell them in batches? Say, 10 pinback buttons from a specific comic?

Just throwing that out there.

I can see why the Scrabble pendants would be more photogenic.