Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bathroom Contractor, Caught on Tape!

You do NOT need to watch this entire video that Sydney filmed yesterday, but the first minute of it would do well in any zombie movie, I think:

It's probably not okay to wait until the bathroom contractor is busy and then go look through his truck windows and videotape all his stuff, but at least she didn't get caught doing it!


Tina said...

Ok, I made it to the swing, then I thought I was going to throw up, so I stopped watching.

So, has Syd read Harriet the Spy? It's currently one of Emma's favorite books on audio. There's at least one sequel to the original that Emma likes as well.

Oh, and the walking parts totally made me think of The Blair Witch Project.

julie said...

You're brave to make it that far! Yeah, the swing part is nuts, and after that, Sydney walks over and peers into the window of the contractor's truck and looks at all his stuff. It's highly unethical.

The walking part reminded us of Blair Witch, too (which I had to leave the theater during, because I thought that I was going to throw up, too!), and of Paranormal Activity. Matt and I have been watching Walking Dead every night, though, and the beginning minute is totally dead-on zombie movie material. Yikes!

Tina said...

Watching Syd's video was a great way to NOT do my homework. I hate statistics with a passion, thankfully I only have this week and next week then I am done!