Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Latest over at Crafting a Green World: Dragons and Dragons!

This week's tutorials continued the theme of Willow's birthday week, with a tutorial for the cardboard shields that the kids painted and played with at her dragon-themed birthday party--

--and another tutorial for the giant organic flannel pillowcase that we all helped make for the giant pillow that she sleeps on every night (her grandmother made her a gorgeous, fuzzy and fluffy pillowcase for this pillow, correctly thinking that it would be just the thing for leaning against while reading, but fluffies get in one's mouth while sleeping):

I've got another luxurious swath of terrycloth that I also need to write up a project for, so I'm thinking some sort of hooded bath towel or capelet or robe for Syd. I do have a bit of that nice flannel left, though, and a girl who worked SO hard on her sister's dragon pillow without a single peep about what she might get for herself, so I'm thinking that whatever I make for Syd, it needs to have a decorated flannel piece appliqued onto the back of it.

A unicorn, perhaps?

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