Friday, July 26, 2013

From a Friend's Farm

When we have our own hobby farm/house on five acres one day, I want it, too, to have a creek within walking distance:

I might not want dwarf goats, but I'm not going to rule it out, either:

This is why:

Cute baby goats (+1). Milking their mamas twice a day (-1). Drinking fresh, free milk (+1). Keeping goats fed and watered and housed and clean (-many more than 1). Free lawn care and weed control (+1). Wethering the boy goat using that rubber band speculum thingy that my friend showed me (-1).

I've got some time to think of more plusses before we finally get our hobby farm one day, fortunately.


Tina said...

So freaking cute! And yes, a creek is a must. We have friends in Iowa who have some woods and a creek running through their property. So awesome to let the kids (they have 5, plus my one) run around and explore.

Though I am still a hover mom enough to look out the window every few minutes.

julie said...

This particular creek is probably a little on the epic side--I want a shallow paddling creek, with minnows, geodes, perhaps the occasional crinoid fossil, maybe enough depth to sail a toy boat, but nothing to drown in unless you really tried.

Heck, I'd probably never see the girls indoors again if we had something like that in our yard!