Friday, June 7, 2013

The Curious Case of the Completely Concealed Coop

A happy ending to report:

An animal control officer popped by today to check out our chicken coop, in light of the anonymous complaints they'd been receiving about it. She found our coop perfectly acceptable, said that the complaints they'd received had no validity, and gave us permission to continue keeping our babies there, saying that we could call her when we'd finished building our complete chicken yard and she'd come back then for her "official" inspection.

And thus the Curious Case of the Completely Concealed Coop draws to a close, it seems.

On to the next case!


Tina said...

Yeah! That's good to hear.

Teresa Robeson said...

WTH? I missed the post about the anonymous complaint, but I get so annoyed at people who, as Gene Logsden said, think it's okay to keep dogs the size of horse in cities/town but balk about small handful of chickens who actually give you food instead of leaving you bombs on your front yard.

julie said...

Especially since we live so close to the park and those giant dog bombs are often in OUR yard, only discovered as I'm running over them with the lawnmower.

The entire incident was extremely bizarre, and quite a bit troubling since the animal control officer shared that this same person had also called the city's legal department to ask about their options(but was shut down by the official that they talked to, thank goodness), but heartening in that the animal control officer was decidedly pro-chicken and assured us that, however some anonymous neighbor may not like it, we are within our legal rights to have them.

Silver lining: it's long been my dream to find a house outside town with a little more land, but Matt has never really been invested in this plan. Having to deal with this nonsense, however, seems to have turned a corner in his thinking, and we may be about to get serious about it!