Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kid and Kitteh are Watching You Suspiciously

So, drama update: Animal Control finally called Matt back this morning, and the officer was very nice, except that she said she'd come by the house today to informally check out the coop and see if we needed to do anything to make it comply before the "official" inspection... but she didn't. But hey--the back deck and backyard and front porch could always stand to be tidied, right? No, ma'am, no hillbillies here!

But, but, BUT, she said that the real gist of the anonymous complaint was that the person said that they could see our chicken coop from their back deck. The city regulations say that there has to be a visual barrier between your coop and the neighbor's property, so that's why they came out that first time. EXCEPT you can't see our chicken coop from any of our neighbors' decks at all, as in their decks aren't even on the correct side of their houses to be able to see our coop. So the caller was definitely lying! I mean, I knew that they were lying, because our coop doesn't smell, but I figured that could always be a mistake, as in "Hey, I smell something gross! I bet it's those people's chickens!", but you can't make a mistake about being able to see your neighbor's chicken coop from your deck, especially if your deck doesn't even face their house.

All this means that the anonymous caller might not even be one of our next-door neighbors. Could someone down the block just hate chickens? Could the caller have named the wrong house, and it's just coincidence that we, too, have illegal chickens? Hmmm...

The benefit of this new development is that I'm not even stressed about it anymore, because now, it's a mystery! You know how much I HATE unresolved issues? Well, that's the exact same amount that I LOVE a mystery!

Next up: the kids and I begin to search for clues.


Tina said...

Yeah! I hope you have a magnifying glass and a hat like Sherlock Holmes!

julie said...

I might put the cat in the Sherlock Holmes hat, though, because how cute?