Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Latest over at Crafting a Green World: Natural Food Coloring and Toy Charm Necklaces

I'm now trying to no longer bake with our formerly dearly beloved Wilton food coloring, so it's good that Wilton has so many non-food uses, one of which turned out to be a weekend activity, as Matt and I got together in the basement to clean out the chest freezer, only to discover that one of the (many) reasons it was chock-full was that I had, months ago, set some giant ice molds in it to freeze and then forgot about them (or covered them up with whole chickens and hot dog buns). 

In other words...

It's giant colored ice mold time!

First the girls used up all the salt in the house--

--and then this happened:

It belatedly occurred to me that all that salt is probably bad for my shaggy garden. Remind me to blame this when I start complaining that nothing is growing right later this summer--it'll make for a good excuse. 

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