Thursday, May 2, 2013

Winding Down

our last big to-do of the "school year":
Willow is an absolute saint who has spent a LOT of time sitting in auditoriums waiting for her sister.
a bevy of ballerinas--Syd is the fifth pair of legs from the left, next to the backwards kid
Although we school year-round, this week feels a deliciously lot like winding down for the year. With the spring recital, Saturdays are now free from ballet practice (although replaced by softball). Monday is a school holiday to celebrate a certain little girl's seventh birthday, and the day after that she'll be free to call herself a second grader. Most of the IU students will have left for the summer by then, so we'll have much of town and campus to ourselves. There will be a dinosaur party. We'll be taking a break from our long-standing Story of the World studies to do a unit on the Civil War, in preparation for seeing Gettysburg on our road trip next month.

And we'll be going on some road trips!

The summer will be filled with lots of breaks for road trips and day camps, and lots of math and science and art done en plein air, and lots of hiking and biking, some gardening and some butterfly hatching, and a ninth birthday and a dragon party. 

Are you ready? I'M ready!!!


Tina said...

Fun! Glad to know there is a birthday coming up. We are making a trip to the post office with letters tomorrow, maybe we'll have to slip in a little something extra.

We are looking forward to another trip soon as well. Taking Amtrak to the shores of Cali to spend the last few weeks with the dad on his work trip. So very excited!

Can't wait to see and read about your adventures :0)

julie said...

Amtrak!!! You have GOT to tell me all about that later! I've always kind of wanted to try it, but I'm not sure how different it would be from, say, taking the Caltrain from San Francisco to San Jose, only longer.

Tina said...

Sent you an e-mail with my thoughts on Amtrak. Hope it makes sense as my brain is tired!