Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I Let My Kids Wear Makeup

Despite my own hang-ups about the outward manifestations of gender, the girls both see makeup as another form of art play, and they enjoy it as much as they used to (and still sometimes do) color on themselves with markers, only, since I never bought washable markers, makeup is much easier to wash away at bedtime.

Because I don't want the kids to associate makeup with "looking pretty," it was really important to me to find makeup in full color palettes, not just what's trendy right now. Specifically, Sydney wanted blue lipstick, which I found on etsy, and blue eyeshadow, which in itself wasn't too hard to find, but I also wanted the girls to have green eyeshadow, and orange eyeshadow, and purple and pink and black eyeshadow.

I did finally find excellent color palettes for makeup for the kids. For the eyeshadow, I ended up buying a SHANY eyeshadow palette, which yes, does have blue and green and orange and purple and pink and black. It ended up in the girls' Easter baskets, and I actually used it for the fashion show, too, blending red into pink above the black and silver glitter line that Syd's makeup artist put just above her eyelashes. I also bought the girls a set of eyeliner pencils, which turned out to be really too delicate and fussy for children to use, but I don't use makeup myself, so what do I know? Add to that one blush and all the body glitter that a kid could care to make for herself, and you've got yourself a pretty thorough makeup exploration set!

Although the kids do love to do themselves up like clowns with their makeup, I was feeling at a loss for any technique or tips to provide when they asked, since not only do I not wear makeup currently, but I've also never worn it--I don't even have the tips of a twelve-year-old self to pass on! Fortunately, one of my friends who has a teenage daughter told me that her kiddo, who is great with makeup, spends tons of time watching makeup tutorial videos on Youtube.

What the what?!?

Well, let's check it out!

Seriously, how cute is that? The kiddos do seem to enjoy copying some of the simpler tutorials, and I feel like they have, without making them feel like they have to be conventional, gotten them to have just a little bit lighter of a hand with the application:

Just a little bit, mind you.

And yes, their father and I do patiently sit for makeovers:
Yes, that IS a paintbrush. Only recently have I figured out that you have to buy special makeup brushes separately.
Considering that the girls ALSO have a thing for nail polish in funky colors--

--they are quite the colorful crew these days.


Tina said...

You sure are brave. Emma hasn't really expressed any interest in make-up which is probably good. Mascara is the only thing I know how to put on, and that only happens once or twice a year, if that.

We have, however, played around with face paints in the past. That was a lot of fun :0)

Miranda Jacobs said...

You don't need special makeup brushes. :-) Art brushes are the same thing, just a different label- and makeup brushes are usually higher priced for the good ones.


Unknown said...

My mom allowed us to enjoy the art of make up. Just if we were going to special places we couldn't sport it, I guess she didn't want to explain to everyone that saw us at age 9 and 11 why we were wearing makeup. LOL.

My sister and I don't even wear make up anymore. By the time we were in high school we were over it. My mom felt even better about her position on this, when her friends would call her about the latest tantrum they were going through with their teenage daughters about wearing make up. So Yes if your going to wear it, know how.

Fun Stuff1! Thank you for sharing.

julie said...

Thank you for this! Even though I've made the decision about makeup and I'm going to stick by it, I fret about it a LOT inside my head, so I'm glad that not only am I not the only mother in the world who's done this, but that it also works out fine.

Also, good to know about the brushes tip! That's one more thing I never would have figured out on my own.