Saturday, April 27, 2013

Trashion/Refashion Show 2013

It's been epic over here, y'all! Last weekend Syd and I finally, after rehearsals and dress rehearsals and practicing and tons of prep work, performed in the 2013 Trashion/Refashion Show. It's so hard to remember what you're supposed to be doing right as you pop onstage in front of all those lights and sounds and people, so I really encouraged Sydney to practice her runway walk a LOT this year. She taped a mock runway with painter's tape right onto our living room floor, and practiced on it every single day, taking constructive criticism and Momma suggestions like a champ, and creating almost entirely by herself a perfect routine that involved her showing off the best features of her dress, holding her marks for the proper time, and memorizing the announcer's cues, all while staying energetic and happy toward the audience.

Seriously, that kid worked HARD.

I think she could see how well it paid off, though, as yep, she always knew her cues, and she always knew where to go and what to do there, and that kind of confidence feels good.

Perhaps partly because of all the practice, and partly because her grandparents had flown in from California to visit us that weekend, this is the year that Sydney really seemed to grasp what a lot of work goes into being a runway model, and part of a major show like this. Not only did she miss her Science Fair for a dress rehearsal, but on the day of the show, while her grandparents, Matt, and Willow built model rockets and launched them at the park, Syd and I were getting her hair and makeup done:
Hair and stage makeup services were donated by Hair Arts Academy again this year. I am always deeply impressed by their work.

While the grandparents, Matt, and Willow hit golf balls on a driving range somewhere, Syd and I were waiting at the theater--

--doing yet another full-dress run-through--
--and waiting some more:

The entire time, Syd was deeply conscious of the fact that her dearly beloved grandparents were somewhere just out of reach, having loads of fun with Willow, and yet she was a great sport about it. She's got a killer game face, that kid.

One HUGE treat that made that weary time of waiting around at the theater a lot more bearable was the Bloomington Flight Club, which performed at the Trashion/Refashion Show and thus needed to practice their routine in that venue several times over the course of the day. I've never been to a Cirque do Soleil show, and I have NEVER seen anything like this before, and I (and everyone else hanging around in the theater!) was flat-out amazed by their performance:

It was just crazy stuff--climbing that silk, and tangling it around their feet to do some tricks, and winding it around them to do some other tricks, and then unraveling it and falling a long ways and yet still hanging on and everyone in the audience shouts "YAY!!!!" kind of stuff. Seriously, wow.

Eventually, though, we were backstage for real, with me trying to touch-up Sydney's makeup and her being super picky about how she wanted it to look (Thank god for baby wipes!), and me putting my foot down about her definitely wearing the ton of red body glitter that we'd made together for the show and her changing her mind about wanting it and surreptitiously trying to wipe it off when I wasn't looking and me saying, "Dude, I can SEE the cloud of glitter at your feet," and her smiling and being like, "What?":

Meanwhile, in the audience:

The official Trashion/Refashion Show video will come out later (and will be shown off and on all year on local access TV, which makes me super happy, because back when we had cable a million years ago, local access was my favorite channel), but until then, I woo you with home videos of the event:

my favorite of the two Flight Club performances:

Sydney's runway walk:

As per usual, Syd was calm, cool, and collected, and I was so nervous for her that I wouldn't have been surprised if I'd had a heart attack or a stroke or something (well, maybe a *little* surprised, because I've been working hard on my health lately, but you get the idea). As I stood near the back of the theater, waiting to make sure that Syd made it safely up one aisle of the audience, then to meet her in the lobby and escort her back down the other aisle and through the stage door and backstage again, I experienced her runway walk completely differently. Also, completely incorrectly. When Syd first walked out onstage, I experienced her standing at her first mark FOREVER. I was sure that she'd missed her cue and was going to stand there like a rock the entire time! Foolishly, I even lost my head and began to wave "Come on!" gestures from the BACK of the DARKENED theater. I let out a deep breath when she finally began to move forward, and felt light-headed from apparently holding my breath for the entire time that she'd just stood there.

Yeah, that didn't happen at all the way that I experienced it. Even if you don't want to watch Syd's entire walk, watch, like, the first five seconds, because that's all it takes for her to walk onstage, hit her first mark, wait for her cue, and then skip forward. That's also exactly how long it was supposed to take.

This is why she's the runway model, not me.

It was a great night, of course, but also a long night, and for the first time ever, Syd didn't want to stay through intermission and watch the second half of the show. She wanted to collect her congratulations--

--to change her clothes, to get the heck home, to take a shower, and to get into her jammies.

Interestingly, Syd's been saying that she might not want to do the fashion show next year. She's been doing some growing lately, and going through some big changes. She's really interested in bodies and reproduction lately, thinks she might try roller derby, too, when Willow joins it in September, and is also considering not taking ballet again next year (although the fact that this is recital weekend, with MORE dress rehearsals and stage makeup and fancy hair and stress over missing uniform parts and a missed practice that was hidden on page 20 of a 25-page recital handout--seriously, WHO gives out a 25-page recital handout for a children's recital?). She's been saying that she's tired of going to ballet class on Saturdays, when she could be playing instead, and although that's kind of rich from a homeschooled six-year-old who spends the vast majority of each day in active, immersive, imaginary play, it's still her experience, and if that's how she feels, then that's how she feels.

Of course, Syd's not planning to quit all her previously cherished activities in order to go and live under a rock next year. It took about five minutes after we were all back home from the fashion show for each kid to ask me if they could learn how to do what they saw the Flight Club do. I did some research, and why, yes, the Flight Club DOES offer children's classes!

So after this horseback riding session, and after the softball season, and after the girls and I take a road trip to Connecticut and back, I promised them that I would sign them up for aerial silks classes. Perhaps next year, BOTH kids will be at the Trashion/Refashion Show--if not on the stage, then maybe 30 feet above it.


cake said...

great post, Julie! and it was a great show.
she looks way cuter with out stage make up, though.

julie said...

I was SUPER sad to miss the second half of the show, because I frankly adore several of the Trashion designs this year. I'm glad you got to be there, though, and I'm pretty sure that C should take aerial silks classes along with the girls.

And stage makeup...yeah. So disturbing. At least you could see her face from the back of the auditorium, though!

Tina said...

Great job Syd! I'll make sure to show Emma the video tomorrow.

Stage make-up is creepy, but there for a reason.

So much fun about the Flight Club! I wanna learn it too :0)