Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Latest over at Crafting a Green World: Cupcake Flags and Earth Day Crafts

Yes, there is a dinosaur-themed party in our future. Sydney has decided that she wants her seventh birthday party to be a dinosaur party (AND a surprise party, which I had expected, since she's never stopped talking about her half-birthday surprise party of a year and a half ago).

I've got a Dinosaur Party Pinboard up, and I'm continually updating it with ever-more-ambitious projects--volcano cupcakes! Miniature watermelon dinosaur eggs!--as well as some brand-new ideas that I'd have to be crazy to attempt. Could I REALLY prepare ten plaster of Paris volcanoes for children to paint and erupt as a party activity? Should I REALLY conceal each child's party invitation in a papier mache dinosaur egg that must be cracked open to get to it? 

Do I REALLY have that much time, not to mention silliness, to expend in the next few weeks? I suppose we'll find out...

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