Sunday, October 30, 2011


I've been wanting to make a second one of these, by the way, since we love this one so much. For some reason I always have it in my head to make two copies of our favorite handmade home items, like buntings and scrapbooks and holiday decorations, so that my girls don't fight over them when I'm dead.

I have GOT to be the only person in the world who worries about stuff like that.

decorating the leaf mermaid skirt

More on that later, but yes, Sydney is dressing as a leaf mermaid for Halloween.

Whatever that is.

There were a few weeks when I was pregnant with Willow when mealtime for me consisted of two giant pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, washed down with a giant glass of milk. It tickles me to see her baking her own batches of cookies now.

cutting out cardstock autumn leaf decorations

My favorite part of these decorations is that I don't have to take them down until after Thanksgiving.

And, of course, there's the pumpkin patch, and the jack-o'-lantern pumpkins and pie pumpkins that we got there, there are the heirloom Funkins that the girls carved again this year, there's making vampire fangs for Willow out of a plastic fork, and the men's basketball scrimmage with trick-or-treating and a costume parade, there's the colored and cut out Halloween bunting, the party with Kid Kazooey at Max's Place, and the mummy dogs tonight for dinner.

Oh, and TOMORROW's Halloween. The party continues, my friends!

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