Monday, March 14, 2011

They Look Better in Your Old Clothes Than You Do

After one custom order guinea pig (I hope you love it, Miranda!), I've decided to make custom T-shirt baby gowns a regular pumpkinbear etsy item:
I had been worried that I'd happen to receive an order in a week that was too stressful for sewing, but my last couple of weeks have been SUPER busy, and I've still been amazed at how much I can accomplish with just a few minutes of sewing here and there and whenever I can. I'm also keeping the custom orders down to one listing at a time, because if there is anything that I am not, it is a baby gown sewing sweat shoppe.


Big mamma frog said...

These look fab (sadly all my kids are too big now).

I'd have kept the Green Day t-shirt for me!

Miranda Jacobs said...

We LOVE it!! I realized, when we got it on him, that once he's too tall for it, I can just slip the elastic out and he'll still be able to wear it with some sweatpants.

I'll definitely be ordering more when we can. =D Thanks so much!!