Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Paparazzi Snaps Her Photo as She Reads

I needed a few photos of Willow reading, to accompany an article on the same subject that I'm submitting to Home Education Magazine. Our wintry weather isn't exactly conducive to reading picturesquely outdoors, so we retreated with the camera to the place we would have gone even if there hadn't been a photo shoot to do...

The library!
Although I took care to comb the child's hair (normally it's her responsibility, and I let her get away with just brushing the outer layer of that wavy/curly mop) and to dress her decently (unlike her sister, who will regularly screen at least two outfits before leaving the house, then will preen and dance and talk to herself in the mirror once she's in the chosen frock, Willow's habit is to pick the top item from her shirts drawer, the top item from her pants drawer, and to attempt to do away with underpants altogether), you will notice that I forgot to actually have Will remove her coat for these first few photos. As she normally does, she ran straight into the children's department and dove right into a book, and I merely followed and snapped photographs:
Will doesn't pose as naturally for the camera as Syd does, but this isn't a problem when taking photographs of her reading, since she doesn't even notice me hovering there, camera up to my face:
This allows me to creeeeeeeep in ever closer, until...
Got it!

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