Monday, February 7, 2011

Wet-on-Wet Watercolor Valentines

Having to make the number of Valentines that the girls are having to make this year is a novelty for us. At Montessori, the children were encouraged to make Valentines only for whomever they wanted--instead of 30 mass-produced Valentines, the children usually received anywhere from six to a dozen lovingly hand-crafted Valentines from their dearest schoolmates, and they could make their own Valentines to give to their own dearest schoolmates in one inspired crafting session.

That's not really practical for the homeschool Valentine's Day party that the children are attending next week, of course. Although there are some homeschooled children that the girls have playdates with, just as there are some Montessori children and some public school children and some preschool children that they play with, there will also be homeschooled children at the party who may not know anyone else yet, and so obviously everybody needs a Valentine, not just the special buddies.

A couple dozen Valentines per kid is a LOT of Valentines, however, and so I've found myself setting up little art projects every day, encouraging the girls to play with a fun supply or a method that we haven't used in a while, and in the process doing a few Valentines. The girls, for instance, LOVE to play with their dad's Prismacolor markers, and so several Valentines got knocked out in that art project. Wet-on-wet watercolor is also super fun--

 --and that's how Sydney finished her Valentines:
Do-A-Dot Rainbow Art Set (Set of 6)Will hasn't had her nose out of a book or her face out of a computer (Newest obsession? Jumpstart Second Grade World from the library) long enough to come even close to finishing her Valentines, so I still get to whip out the Do-a-Dot markers, and then perhaps the heart-shaped rubber stamps, and I think I'm going to see if they'd like to send postcard Valentines to their other friends and family, so don't worry, the Valentines aren't nearly over yet.

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