Monday, July 26, 2010

Sydney the Fashion Designer

Sydney says, "I want you to make me a new skirt, Momma."

To buy time (I'm on the computer, perhap blogging, perhaps editing photographs, perhaps searching for books with timelines in them from the library), I tell her, "Draw me a picture of exactly what it looks like, and be sure to label it so that I know what it is."

Twenty minutes later (I'm still on the computer), and she brings me this:
Labelled and everything.

I just want five more minutes to finish my work, so now I say, "Okay, go look at my fabric and pick out what the skirt should be made of."

A full five minutes later (phew!) she brings me this button-down shirt that I bought for two dollars at the last
Goodwill sale:
I'd halfway planned it for some kind of patchwork, perhaps another I Spy quilt, but it does happen to look EXACTLY like Sydney's picture, so I lay into it with the shears, and one hour later:
Happy skirt, happy girl.

I sewed this skirt up differently from the other skirts that I've made Sydney, and differently from other tutorials that I've seen for skirts or dresses made from button-downs--the pocket is functional and wasn't moved, and the buttons are functional, including the buttons at the waist, and yet the skirt STILL is elasticized! It's like some kind of triumph of modern technology!

AND it's comfy:
AND she loves it:
I may not have so much of a stash-busting problem anymore, what with my own in-house fashion designer.

P.S. What else did I do this weekend? I bought a hoe for me and a hoe for the littles, I found and baked a vegan no-yeast pizza crust recipe, I drew a timeline on the basement wall, and I sewed some new sheets for the bed.


Angela Friedman said...

Ahh, brilliant! How wonderful that your girls are developing such specialized skill sets so early on! I love reading entries like this. We always need new designers at the NYC Ballet, if she has any interest in dance ;)

julie said...

Does she have an interest in dance?!? Oh, lordy.

Watch out NYC Ballet, because there's a princess ballerina headed your way in a few years!