Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Can't Believe that We Ended Up in the E.R. AGAIN!!!

Exuberantly, she shouted, "Watch me!"

And then she leaped.

And this morning, she watches Sesame Street and plays with Colorforms, one splinted appendage stuck out awkwardly, uncomfortably, from her frame:
We go to the orthopedic pediatrician tomorrow morning for an evaluation and the hard cast.

Matt's on the phone at work cancelling baseball and swim class, and trying to score some foster kittens and two pairs of crutches, size extra-small (gotta have a pair for the sister, too, ya know).

She's not in pain, although she IS uncomfy (of course).

At least this is the kid that we've already met our deductible on.

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Anonymous said...

*sigh* I feel for you. We have a deductible-meeting kid, too. So far this summer has been uneventful...knock on wood.

Casts come in amazing colors now, and they do present a unique opportunity for creative expression. I'm pretty sure you can apply decopage dinosaurs, rhinestones, paint, stickers, maybe even sculpted "extra" appendages.