Monday, March 15, 2010

Dinosaur Dreams Tonight

It took a lot of sewing and over a year longer than I thought it would, but one little girl's dinosaur dreams came true today:
Phew! Nine dinosaur T-shirt panels--some from outgrown or ripped/stained shirts that Willow and Sydney wore, and some bought straight from thrift shops for this project--surrounded by a Courthouse Steps log cabin design in both dino and traditional prints quilting cotton--
and backed and with a back-to-front binding made from a handmade dino-print quilted blanket scored from the Goodwill Outlet Store (stuff is $1.39 a pound there, so definitely under a buck):I think the little girl likes it:
A lot:
The slightly smaller wall quilt, also dino-themed, is on its way to my Dinosaur swap partner, but I somehow managed to totally screw up the wall quilt that I was making for my pumpkinbear etsy shop, AND the girls, in a completely unauthorized activity, spilled smoothie all over the piles of fabric that I was using for the quilt, so that little project is on hold for a bit while some fabric goes through the wash and I take several deep breaths. I may use the time to re-make my idea from a wall quilt into another kid-sized lap quilt, anyway, because I LOVE how Will's turned out.

And don't worry about Sydney. She's getting an I Spy quilt next, which she will probably be unhappy about because she really wants a pony quilt, but a pony quilt?

So now I'm on the look-out for pony T-shirts.


Unknown said...

I think for a real challenge you should be like Nana and hand stitch a quilt. Can you imagine?

julie said...

Yikes! As if my eyes weren't lousy enough! I actually know people who do hand-quilt, however, and they've taught me some, but...I'll stick to machine quilting just for now, thanx.