Thursday, February 11, 2010

We Don't Wash Wool on Hot

Dear Matt,

First of all, thanks for doing the laundry. What with Willow barfing and all, laundry definitely needed to be done, and I'm glad that you stepped up. Did you have trouble finding the washing machine? I know it's been a while since you've used it, so I hope it's still in the place that you remembered.

I did want to mention again, however--remember when I showed you all the girls' nice, soft wool leggings that I spent one weekend sewing up for them? I sewed them from sweater sleeves, and sewed matching skirts, and they were super cute? Remember when I held them up and said, "Look at these leggings. They are made of wool. You cannot wash them on hot, and you cannot put them in the dryer. Look, here's another pair of leggings. It is also made of wool. Do not put this in the dryer, and do not wash it on hot," and you said, "Stop talking to me like I'm not smart!" and I said, "Of course you're very smart, but you also felted my nice, soft wool socks, and I do not want you to felt this pair of leggings that you are now looking at," and you said, "Okay, okay! Stop treating me like a child! I hear you about the leggings!"

Do you remember that? I'm just asking because--
--you felted the leggings. They are very small now. They are no longer Willow-sized. They're not even Sydney-sized. In fact, they might now fit Sugar and Nutmeg, the guinea pigs in the girls' classroom, and that's fun, because I was meaning to spend all weekend sewing those guinea pigs something nice anyway.

Anyway, thanks for doing the rest of the laundry, and Sydney didn't even notice that the skirt on her princess dress is a little pink now, what with being washed with red and orange and purple wool leggings. On hot.


P.S. You also put the down comforter in the dryer. There are feathers everywhere.


mamaloo said...

My husband can't spin dry his concert tees. After 11 years together, we mostly get the don't wash/dry this thing down. But, it sucks when you forget!

Incidentally, I always spin dry my down comforters, with shoes and/or hockey pucks, otherwise the feathers dry all clumpy. The spin dry makes it nice and fluffy!

Kimberly said...

Dear Julie-

I can commiserate. My husband was kicked off of the laundry when he turned my cute pair of capris into Dirty Dancing-esque shorts. Hot wash, high heat, indeed. That was in 1999. He's not been allowed to do laundry since then.



julie said...

We've also had one notorious incident in which Matt wore my brand-new pinstriped trousers (well, Goodwill brand-new, but I LOVED them) to work all day, apparently not noticing that they were four inches too short in the inseam, then came home and immediately brushed against some wet paint in the playroom that I had spent the entire day painting. Grr.

I think our down comforter has a teeny little hole in it somewhere. It's fine to hang dry and then beat it fluffy, but put it in the dryer and feathers get EVERYWHERE!

Stephanie said...

Oh, dear.
Mine sounds something like "Stop talking to me like I'm an idiot!" and here is where I make a true confession, and say "Well!?!"

Anonymous said...

ROTFLMAO!!! Not over the ruined clothing, but over the new knowledge that I am not the ONLY person in the world who is married to an otherwise wonderful man who is totally inept at laundry!!

My DH has ruined countless sweaters, leggings, bras, silks, tights and shirts by "helping" with the laundry over the last quarter century.

cake said...

our dial ALWAYS stays on the cold/cold setting. we are all competent with laundry, but, well, just in case.

would they work as a baby gift? for someone in a VERY cold climate? they sure are cute, even felted.