Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sick of Snow Days

Magic School Bus and Dinotopia and Biscuit and Boynton and Gilbert, among MANY others

An elaborate lunch
pasta with last night's pizza sauce and shredded Swiss cheese with sliced oranges on the side

Cassette tapes on the stereo

LOTS of snow
LOTS of sledding
one major temper tantrum involving how much it sucks to bike in the snow (I told her so)
lots done on tablet paper, not so much done on the book proposal

an early bedtime

The odd snow day is a nice novelty, but there's also something appealing about one's normal schedule, don't you think? I'll be happy when a normal non-snow schedule reappears, just any time it wants to now.


Heather Hogan said...

Do your little aviatrices like Ribsy?

julie said...

Ribsy is too depressing, and also advocates shopping at the mall, but we do love Ralph S. Mouse, which advocates extended stays at crumbling mom-and-pop hotels and also the childhood use of aspirin.

cake said...

here here! and, i love the new look of your blog.