Friday, February 12, 2010

Prehistoric Valentine

A parasaurolophus in pink is one little girl's perfect Valentine:It's made from a freezer paper stencil cut with my Cricut from , and painted with Jacquard Neopaque fabric paint in pink. The positive image of the parasaurolophus is painted onto a shirt sent to my Craftster swap partner's little kiddo, along with his name done in stencil--Dinosaur Tracks has a really excellent stencil font.

Willow adores her pink parasaurolophus, and has already put in a request that I stencil her a shirt that has a stegosaurus being attacked by the meat-eater of my choice. This will take place later in my life, as today ALREADY I've finished up and mailed my swap package (just under the deadline), finished up and sent in my A Fair of the Arts application (just under the deadline), and unflooded the kitchen and the basement with the shop vac--we did not spend enough money on our dishwasher. Still to do: bullying the girls into finishing the addressing of their Valentines, shopping for weekend groceries, and packing for Caribbean Cove! This year I will NOT be taking 46 awful papers to grade, which will be a relief. I WILL be taking a romance novel, a bottle of cheap champagne, my Lensbaby, and lots of DVDs.

Much relaxin' will be done.

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