Sunday, February 15, 2009

We Heart Caribbean Cove

It was another awesome Valentine's/anniversary weekend, thanks to Caribbean Cove water park--it's my super power that no matter where I am outside of the Southern United States, I can still find somewhere to go to be redneck. And indoor water parks, they are the awesomest things ever established in the Northern United States (especially in winter), but soooey!, they are redneck.

Nevertheless, we frolicked in the water----and watched HBO, and played miniature golf in the lobby----and ate heart-shaped bagels at Einstein Bros., and frolicked in the water some more----and made Matt Margaritas (a randomly-measured mixture of tequila, margarita mix, and ice in a little plastic hotel cup) after the girls went to bed, and made crafts (of course!) in the Kid's Club----and shopped at Half-Price Books and the Goodwill Outlet Store (speaking of redneck...), and tricked Matt into standing under things that would dump water on him----and let the girls spend two whole dollars in the arcade (a huge deal, actually, because my thrifty self loathes myself some arcades), and frolicked in the water just a little bit more----and graded all the rest of my papers while watching a Sci-Fi channel original movie (Wyvern!) after Sydney crashed at 6 pm, and there was also some relaxing that took place in the water, too:
See you next Valentine's weekend, Carribean Cove!


cake said...

i love how the girls are wearing their UV protective swim-wear, INDOORS! better safe then sorry, i guess.
glad you had a nice time. i am most jealous about the goodwill outlet store.

julie said...

That's a good guess, but they're actually dressed like that for a couple of reasons--1) it matches Mama--I wear swim trunks and a surf shirt because I find lady's swimsuits uncomfortable and horrifying; and 2) you would never believe it about me, perhaps, but I find little girls' swimsuits immodest. And uncomfortable, too, from the huge amount of little girls I saw picking at their butts this weekend.

Goodwill Outlet Store is the best. Thing. Ever! I'm always seriously afraid of picking up a communicable disease there, but I always find the best stuff hidden amongst the trash. And being there with a community of other low-rent dumpster-divers is also very comforting to me.

Anonymous said...

I'm super jealous! That looks like scads of fun :-)
How old was Sydney the first time she went? I certainly don't think Lex is ready for that yet, but it's something I can look forward to in the not so distant future!

Also, I think Sydney's hair looks so freaking cute pulled back like that! The girls looked like they had so much fun :-)

Abby said...

sydney's hair is so cute like that! looks like so much fun!

julie said...

Sydney's first time at the water park came when she was a babe in arms, but Will was two by then.

Next year, we think she might be tall enough for the water slides!


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