Thursday, February 25, 2010

Two More Babies in a Bag

These are the last two baby bags that I'll ever make from that awesome (and THRIFTED!!!) sock monkey jersey cotton sheet:
I can't believe it, but I have used nearly every inch of that fabric. Sydney has her sock monkeys skirt, and the last bit of it I must stow away to make something for Will. She's not so much a skirt kid, but I was thinking that if I waited until later this spring (which will come this year, right? Um, right?), I could sew her a very cute set of shorts or capris. Definitely bottoms, because otherwise how could she and her sister continue to match?

I tried a new technique with the hems for these particular baby bags. For the last batch, I blanket-stitched all the hems, which looks good, but I have to say that I may be even happier with these bound hems, made from the same fabric and zig-zagged:This kind of hem wouldn't be appropriate for the bags that are made entirely from T-shirts, as there likely wouldn't be enough leftover fabric to make the bias tape, but I'll do it again if I make another baby bag from plain jersey cotton fabric.

When I went into Barefoot Kids yesterday to drop off these bags, the owner, Scott, and I stood around and gossiped for a while like old women, as we are wont to do, while my girls sat on the floor and watched Sesame Street podcasts on my ipod (That ipod nano? Lifesaver!). I had drizzled sesame oil on my last three meals, at that point (at this point it's more like five, although not consecutively), and I kept being concerned that I somehow smelled like sesame. "Does it come out your pores like curry is said to?", I wondered to myself. Finally I couldn't stand it anymore and I blurted out to Scott, "Do I smell like sesame?"

He replied, "You smell really good, actually."

I joyfully exlaimed, "It's sesame!"

That is not really how I would recommend that YOU respond to a compliment, my friends.

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KiQuee said...

That sock monkey shirt is to die! I want a matching quilt!