Friday, January 8, 2010

A Girls-Only Snow Day

As Matt was getting ready for work yesterday morning, I tried to get him to stay home with us. The girls, after all, were celebrating an official Snow Day. And the only thing more fun than an official Snow Day is a family-wide Snow Day.

People who are not me, however, apparently have some elusive inner quality called "work ethic," and that is the reason why Matt will never, ever, NEVER use up a single one of the approximately eight hundred sick days he has thus far accumulated.

The girls and I were sad when Matt left, but it turns out that we didn't really need him that much after all--we ate potato curry quesadillas for breakfast AND lunch, read out loud an ENTIRE chapter book), played with every single small plastic dinosaur and pony that the girls own (and that's a lot of small plastic dinosaurs and ponies), and, most importantly, played in the SNOW:

When Matt got home that night (bearing pizza, the hallmark of the guilty-conscienced), he seemed repentant and apologized for not staying home after all. And by that time I was all, "We had a great day! Your day probably sucked, and we didn't even miss you!"

Which might go further than any other strategy in getting him to stay home for the next Snow Day.


Anonymous said...

The photos are just beautiful! It sounds like a fabulous snow day, indeed.

BangorBarb said...

I didn't think it snowed in Arkansas! Was it a record for the area? For the South?

cake said...

i'm loving your use of the selective focus.

Anonymous said...

I love that you had potato curry quesadillas for breakfast! Totally awesome!

Ditto what Cake said - I really, really want a nice camera...