Thursday, January 7, 2010

Vintage for Sale (Finally!)

Are you ever at some super-cheap thrifting place, like a Goodwill Outlet Store or a local second-hand shop or a church rummage sale, and you spy some totally awesome vintage thing that is just incredible, but that you have absolutely no use for?

And then, do you look at whatever cool thing it is lovingly, and think about how you should absolutely buy it for the nickel or dime or the other outrageously cheap price?

But then do you come to your senses, remember that you have absolutely no use for this thing, as awesome as it is, and you put it down and wander away?

Yeah, I never do that.

I have a weakness for 1) ridiculously under-priced stuff 2) vintage stuff 3) craft or DIY stuff. Don't believe me? Ask me about my Renaissance Faire dress. Or my lathe.

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And that is why one of my goals this year is to seriously de-stash my stash. The Ren Faire dress and the lathe are staying, but lots of other stuff--such as, you know, every single paint-by-number that I've ever acquired at every garage sale I've ever been to, or perhaps 400 of the approximately 500 different ratty old editions of the Complete Works of Shakespeare that I keep finding (my 500 different ratty old editions of The Canterbury Tales are all staying, too)--need to either be used or wended away, big sigh.

The first two of MANY future listings in the brand-new Vintage section in my pumpkinbear etsy shop:

I really like any and every tissue paper honeycomb decoration that I've every come across (don't know what a honeycomb decoration is? Think of those fold-out wedding bells, with the accordion paper that makes it all 3D and tacky? Love it!), and I am absolutely keeping the Santa Claus from this set that I found at the Goodwill Outlet Store, but I'm not into angels. Not even angels with blonde bobs and everything from Christmas ornaments to entire holly branches, leaves AND berries, in their hair.

I love sewing, and sewing machine stuff, ESPECIALLY presser feet and other gimmicky attachments, but Greist made presser feet and other attachments for Singer sewing machines, and my machines (yes, I have two hand-me-down machines, an heir and a spare) are a Bernette and a Brother.

But oh, to have a ruffler of my very own! And feet to make THREE different kinds of hems! I can hardly imagine the happiness...

Stay tuned, for the purging will continue. The volcano making kit and the Polaroid cameras are staying. Some of the crafts books are going. The stained glass scraps are definitely staying. The shank buttons are definitely going. ALL the World War II-era ladies' hats are staying. All the Farrah Fawcett blue jeans are going. The entire shell collection can stay, but almost all of the cloth diapers have to go...

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FinnFan77 said...

I would love to see your RenFaire dress. And I would love to see you write in Middle English!