Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bean Bags without Beans

Current work in progress:
Fabric squares stenciled with the numbers 0-9, heat-set and ready to be sewn and filled with beans. And then tossed at a child (the head is tempting, but not the head), who must name the number in order to...earn a point? Toss it back? Keep a tally? Match it to a target? I haven't thought that far ahead. Except to know that a set of alphabet bean bags will follow.

In other news, Willow just came in asking for a ponytail, and as I pulled her hair back I noticed a huge swath of pink tempera behind her ear, crusted up into her hairline like nothing so much as a bloody, scabbed, shockingly severe rash. Since the girls' school still has a nurse coming in every other day to check the entire school for headlice, I am now off to bathtime.

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