Monday, September 7, 2009

Pajama Pants for Everyone (Except Me!)

Well, to be fair, I guess the cats didn't get new pajama pants, either...

But everyone else did. I'd been saving out this yellow striped vintage sheet, scavenged from the Goodwill Outlet Store, to make pajama pants with for a while, but it was only late last week that I even got the chance to start (something along the lines of teaching/parenting/writing/crafting for pay/watching a lot of Netflix holding me back). First, you know, I had to clean the living room, my only large pattern-cutting space, and then scrub the filthy floor, and then cobble together the pattern out of lots of taped-together pieces of used typing paper, because I used up my last large piece of tracing paper making my wrap skirt pattern and haven't replaced it yet--are you tired yet? This is kind of making me tired, but I actually did enjoy it, you know--I'm a putterer, perhaps.

Anyway, just before I was going to start cutting, I went to check on Matt putting the girls to bed and mentioned that I was going to make myself and the girls some matching pajama pants.

"I want matching pajama pants," Matt said.

There was enough material in the vintage sheet for two children's pants and one adult's pants, not two, but today is Matt's birthday, so matching pajama pants it is:
The girls' patterns were a little too big even at a size small, so I probably should have used my pattern for their pants, but if you're going to have jammies that match with Dadda, I suppose you might as well have them with room to grow, in anticipation of all the Dadda plus kitten plus Lyle Lyle Crocodile book breaks yet to come:Don't worry about me, though--I have a vintage blue flowered sheet back in my fabric stash that I think might be big enough for some momma/daughter mitchy-matchies, too.



Great fabric print!

Anonymous said...

I have that book from the library...maybe I'm just so new to using patterns, but god almighty, trying to figure those patterns out with the 400 OTHER patterns on that sheet is enough to drive me crazy!!

julie said...

I'm super picky about the patterns on my fabric, so I was extra-stoked about those yellow stripes! I also like any prints from the 70s, clashing colors and eyesore patterns and all.

Oh, man, the pajama pants pattern is kind of a hard one to start with on that pattern page--the multiple size plus the fact that the front and the back are on two different pages PLUS the fact that the pattern itself is cut in half! After you trace it, though, it's really simple, although I've found that the sizes for adults run small and for kids run big in her patterns.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, I didn't even notice that the backs and fronts weren't on the same side; maybe I'll just buy a pattern at Jo-Anne's or something. I really want to try the drawstring bag, but I'm terrified to unfold the patterns again. You should've seen my husband and I trying to fold those patterns back up to put them back in the book. Two college educated people arguing where the folds were on the page at 7a this morning!

cake said...

look how far you've come from "not knowing how to sew from a pattern!"