Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Baker's Dozen of Crayon Rolls

The preparation for Wisconsin is continuing apace, with tasks both usual--packing, cleaning house, trying to get just two more loads of laundry line-dried on this humid but rain-free day, getting a copy of the house key made for the house sitter (it took Matt two tries to get this particular chore done. On his first try, he copied a key that not only is NOT the house key, but that, despite its existence on his own key ring, is a key that Matt has no idea what it unlocks)--and perhaps a little more unusual.

Goodwill pants to crop for me. Matching pajama pants to sew for the girls (from , of course). Presents to make to give to relatives to take back to little cousins not in attendance. An etsy shop in need of an On Vacation notice. And the girls insist that they need new crayon rolls, sewn from some butterfly upholstery fabric that they found in my sample stash.

And of course all this is to be done today, the day that we're leaving. Of course.

On the positive side, a few afternoons spent watching Jericho on Netflix have resulted in the following wholesale order of crayon rolls (here's my crayon roll tutorial, if you're interested):
See? I can't let the babies go without new crayon rolls when all they've seen me do for the past two days is sew new crayon rolls. After all, I wouldn't expect them to go without making huge messes today, for instance, when all I've seen THEM do the past couple of days is make huge messes.

Like that logic? That's why I went to college, to learn how to think so good like that.

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