Sunday, June 14, 2009

Makeup for Momma

On shelves and in bins, in closets and behind cupboard doors, I keep around the house all kinds of random things that the girls can choose to do independently--art supplies of all kinds, obviously, and typical stuff like toys, but also just random stuff. Books and magazines for cutting up as well as books and magazines to read. Encyclopedias as well as picturebooks. Thousand-piece puzzles as well as twenty-piece puzzles. Free access to the garden hoses as well as the sandbox. Just random stuff that I find or buy used or on clearance and squirrel away for whenever somebody's in the mood.

Yesterday, after a several-months period of neglect, the girls re-discovered the huge stash of face paint I bought at 90%-off after Halloween last year--chock-full of lead, I'm sure, but whatever. It was actually very interesting, because the last time the girls were into playing with the face paint, they were obsessed with painting themselves, but this time Willow spent a very long time carefully and elaborately painting Sydney's face--
--and Sydney, and then Willow, spent a VERY long time carefully and elaborately painting my face: I never wear makeup as a rule, but this is a good look for me, don't you think?


Abby said...

Wow. See, you look good in make-up. I love what they've done with your eyes!

Anonymous said...


It's too bad KISS is defunct, because they'd hire them on the spot as their make-up artist.