Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In Between Teaching, Writing, and Parenting...

I sewed:
So refreshing.

I tend to have a lot of irons in the fire, with a lot of plans for far more irons, so it's easy for me to let myself get really panicky about all that I have to do, and all that I haven't yet done, if I'm not careful:
  • LOTS of homework papers that I *should* grade and alphabetize to pass back to my students on Wednesday. It will give me less to do when I'm trying to grade and record final papers, and my students will appreciate knowing their grades up to the final--of course, it will also give them more scope for pestering me with whining...
  • LOTS of things that I *should* craft for Luna Fest on Sunday--one set of button alphabets to finish and another that I could sell as a set; several sets of crayon rolls, marker rolls, and colored pencil rolls, allowing me to sell them individually or as gift sets; melted crayons; doily pinbacks, etc.
  • A couple of last tutorials, some photos, and a LOT of proofreading and design work on my book proposal, and then having it copied and bound and sending it--I really, really wanted to send it this week. Sigh.
  • How great would it be to write a couple of pattern zines to have ready at Luna Fest, and also for my pumpkinbear etsy shop? Wouldn't you totally want a hip, indie zine that would tell you how to make a superhero T-shirt dress?
  • If I don't post regularly on Crafting a Green World and Eco Child's Play, then I don't earn my craft supplies budget for the next month. No craft supplies=suckage.
  • The Montessori Parents' Library, for whom I am the Parents' Library librarian, could use a Wish List, written self check-out instructions, signage, and CD copies of all the expert lectures that are on--ugh--cassette tapes.
  • Speaking of...when did I last update my pumpkinbear etsy shop?

On the plus side, the kiddos are happy and engaged (barring some minor drama with Music Day--how did I manage to convince Will's teachers that I am some kind of rabid stage mom, when the truth is that I don't give a flying flip whether or not she performs the bumblebee song in front of her classmates and parents?), with a mama who helps them put together the velociraptor puzzle and reads the dinosaur encyclopedia to them for one solid hour and makes gluten-free brownies with them in the morning.

Come to think of it, did I eat anything today other than a butt-load of gluten-free brownies? Maybe that explains it...

P.S. Check out my list of eco-crafting tutorials for Earth Day over at Crafting a Green World.


Unknown said...

Wow Julie! You are such a great Mom! It is exciting to see all the cool things you are doing with your little ones. Look me up on myspace so we can get in touch. I miss you and Matty! I'm not very good at keeping up the postings on the computer, but check out pics of our littlest on Shawn's page.

cake said...

i've got several plates spinning myself, more than usual. only i tend to worry about getting everything done more than i actually work on getting stuff done. unlike you, who manages to be extremely productive.

gardening is refreshing and relaxing for me. it's probably the last priority on the to-do list, and yet, what i end up doing the most.

i hope to make it to luna fest. but, it is also the neighborhood plant exchange, so i'll have to work around that...
hope it all goes well.

julie said...

Sarah!!??? Awesome!!! I'll try myspace, but you totally need to ditch myspace and get Facebook. EVERYBODY is on Facebook. Or email me at jufinn at indiana dot edu.

I have a hard time doing anything on a regular basis--you'll laugh after I teased you about your bread journal, cake, but I have a garden journal, now. It's got all those fiddly little details about how my seeds like to sprout and when I should plant them so far. My lavender? Insists on living in the refrigerator for a month!

The refrigerator! What's up with that?