Monday, April 20, 2009

I Can't Be Your Partner in Crime

The girls and I spent the day up in Indianapolis on Friday. We hit all my favorites--the Goodwill Outlet Store (I'm saving the INCREDIBLE puppet theater I scored for another post), the opening season of the butterfly exhibit at the Indianapolis Zoo--

--and the Indianapolis Art Museum:
As I was shooting this photo of Willow in the contemporary gallery, and Sydney was happily stomping on the floor just behind me, with another photographer shooting another exhibit in a little niche just behind her, all of a sudden this huge guard starts running towards me, screaming at me to stop right now!

I'm all, "What? The baby can't stomp on the floor?"

And he's all, "You CANNOT take photos in this gallery!"

Without thinking, the first thing I do is whip around, point with my entire arm straight at that other guy taking some pictures in the nook, and shout, "But HE'S taking photos!"

The guard turned around and started shouting at the other guy, so I grabbed both the girls' hands and said, "We gotta go." Then we hightailed it.

Two minutes later, safely down the elevator, I stopped to think about it and I thought, "Really, Julie? You seriously sold out a stranger over a 'no photo' policy?" I can't believe that my instinctual reaction was to throw the blame and then flee. I mean, what kind of person does that?

I actually saw the guy a few minutes later and of course I apologized. He, of course, said it was no big deal, because, you know, it's just a "no photo" policy, not a criminal act, which makes it just even more ridiculous that I sold out a stranger and then ran.

Painting on the grass in the museum gardens was much more relaxing:
Although now I wonder--I hope there wasn't a rule about not being on the grass...


One Gal's Trash said...

Hi Julie,
Long time, no "see". Looks like you and your girls are having some fun adventures. Best of luck with the book proposal. I have been working on one too...not quite sure how to move it forward!
You were sweet to respond to a meme back in March. For your gift from One Gal's Trash, which theme would you like....Paris, London, little girls or birds? Please advise and I'll get cracking!

Unknown said...

from one Jul to another... you CRACK me UP!!!


Lisa said...

You are hilarious! I could picture how the whole rule-breaking scenario took place. For a minute there I thought you were going to say that you took a picture of the guard and ran, lol. It really amazes me how some places are so snobby about cameras....people just need to relax!