Sunday, December 7, 2008

Earn Money, Buy Stuff

The Fair and Green Gift Festival was quite the occasion:
Not only did I earn a tidy sum AND get all my papers graded (something I had to do this weekend anyway, so it's like I got double-paid!), but I was just a couple of tables down from a green burial company, so during the slow periods I got to eavesdrop on LOTS of gossip about, well...burial hijinks?

For those of you who were looking for something in particular--I sold out of felted wool dolls and crocheted grocery bag messenger bags, but I'll have two felted wool balls up in my shop tomorrow. I'll also be listing a few sets of Christmas-themed record bowls and two felted wool stockings.
But of course, we can't forget that yesterday was GOODWILL 50%-OFF STOREWIDE SALE DAY!!!
Everybody managed to get something nice and new to them, and the thrifting gods were indeed smiling upon me, because I scored two items that I have been on the lookout for. To help me finally make the soap from the soap-making kit I bought from the Kitchen Girls, I found an immersion blender--something that I was widely warned is rarely found in thrift stores. And, to replace the lousy one that broke TWO YEARS AGO, I found a super-super-nice digital five-compartment electric steamer.
Happy sigh.

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