Monday, December 8, 2008

Dinosaur the Halls with Boughs of Holly

A few months ago Matt dumpster-dived us an AWESOME six-foot artificial tree, but there it stands, barebarebare (aside from a plethora of twinkle lights--in opposition to my Green Crafting Manifesto, I buy these by the crate when they're 75% off after Christmas, and I'm convinced that they're the perfect decorating tool for any room). The girls and I started making some ornaments this morning out of record album covers and scrapbook paper (tutorial forthcoming), but instead of finishing them this afternoon we went hiking:But never fear! I rolled in from class late tonight to find that in the absence of traditional ornaments, the girls had decorated the tree with... Dinosaurs! Hiding in every nook and cranny, perched on every branch and bough, and quite historically correct, since you know that evergreens were a primary food source during the Cretaceous period.

Festive, right?

Well, in our house...yeah, it kinda is.
P.S. There's a new set of Christmas-themed record bowls up in my etsy shop.


Anonymous said...

Your girls are geniuses! I'm convinced that dinosaurs ARE the perfect decorations!

julie said...

They actually kind of are. We now, apparently, have one of those trees that constantly gets RE-decorated every single day. Every time the girls walk by they stop to play with the dinos, or to stick on a stuffed bunny, or just to mess with the lights.

Our tree is basically The Velveteen Rabbit--very well loved, but it looks like ass.