Friday, December 5, 2008

Find Me

In case you're one of my *many* stalkers, here's where to find me tomorrow:

10am-3pm: Fair and Green Gift Festival, Alison-Jukebox Community Center, Bloomington, Indiana

This is the first year it's being held here, so the organizer fears that attendance will be light, but it seems to me as if she's been promoting it really well, so we'll see.

In honor of the festivity of the season, I'm just bringing my Christmas-y stuff (and in honor of the tiny little table I'll have), but the girls and I did have a happy morning together making these product signs: All from stash. Festive, right?

And, of course, nothing is more festive than crafting in the nude: The girls periodically get VERY into our mostly-thrifted rubber stamp collection: It would likely be a greater pleasure to use them if I took more care in keeping the stamps and ink pads clean. Seems like a lot of work, though...

I will have some of my newest stuff at the festival--soldered glass ornaments and felted wool ornaments and stockings and these guys-- --so I'm looking forward to seeing how well they do.

4pm-6:30pm: Cloth Diapering Workshop, Barefoot Herbs Barefoot Kids, Bloomington, Indiana

This is my favorite of the two workshops I do at the store. My guarantee: somebody will ask if you have to dunk diapers in the toilet to wash them, somebody else will doubt that tea tree oil does jack as a wash additive, and a third somebody will refuse to believe that you can use a wool diaper cover for a month without washing it. All of these people will be lectured into total submission.

7:00 pm: Goodwill 50%-off Storewide Sale, Central Indiana

Don't even ask me if I'm freaking that I'm not going to be there at 9:00 am, because you know I am. I'm hard put not to give Matt a list and make him go in my place--immersion blender, wool sweaters, retro sheets to make pajama pants out of, Christmas-themed T-shirts for a quilt, obscure crafting books, little-girl hats and mittens--all will be gone by 7:00 pm, I just know it.

Must get my mind off of it--look what came in the mail today!The provenance of the wood from Maine Wood Company looked pretty good, so I bought some little people, some bigger people, some trees, two snowmen, and some acorns.

They still don't have any furniture, though, so they all just stand around and stare out the windows:

Stalk me!


Anonymous said...

You are such a riot, I feel like taking a cloth diapering workshop (even though my kids are 11 and almost 13) just to hear you speak!

My fav line? "nothing is more festive than crafting in the nude"...bwahahahaha!!

Abby said...

I wish I could stalk you today. I won't even be at the babysitter for the babes.

But, I'll be there in spirit. And my cookies will be there to keep you company.

Kimberly said...

I'm devastated...absolutely devastated we weren't able to make it tonight. :-( My nephew had to see a specialist (turns out everything was ok) so we went to spend time with them.

Maybe next time!

julie said...

Too bad--the cloth diapering workshop rocked!!! The pregnant ladies were rowdy, the cookies Abby made disappeared, and people were still there partying by the time I left.