Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Stockings on Parade

The best thing about sewing felted wool stockings for my babies is seeing them fulfill their happy purpose in life:

(the matching bracelets sewn by my Christmas in July swap angel)
(travel-sized blank sketch books for everybody)
(stickers and coloring and Floam)

(see the crocheted dolphin, also made by my swap angel)

And then we ate breakfast and played Rock Band and opened presents and ate Christmas dinner and played with blocks and ate more of Uncle Art's devilled eggs and put together dinosaur puzzles and ate blueberry pie and put together the girls' train set and ate pumpkin pie and sketched in our sketch pads until Sydney fell asleep face-first on the dining room table.

P.S. My adorable Cousin Katie, currently eating party mix and playing on her new Linux laptop, says hi.


Anonymous said...

Your girls look so adorable! I love the pajamas and stockings!

Your Christmas sounds like a lot of fun, especially with all the food. ;)

julie said...

You can't tell, but I took a pair of scissors and hacked the feet off of Willow's pajamas, her very favorite pair (glow-in-the-dark dinosaurs, duh) that are alas, only a size 3T.

Christmas was really awesome this year. Our visits aren't always very comfortable for me, but this year we just seem to have hit a groove--my girlies are old enough to really have fun, my awesome little cousins are old enough to really hang out with, and, of course, there's Rock Band.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I guess they do look capri-length after all.

I agree, Rock Band makes any social gathering fun.