Monday, December 22, 2008

Teeny Tiny Trainland

Last night we completed one of our happiest holiday traditions--a Winter Solstice evening trip to the Indianapolis Zoo (here's how I feel about zoos) for Christmas lights, carolers, a holiday dolphin show, and Trainland, the conversion of the White River Gardens greenhouse into a giant showcase for dozens of model trainscapes.

Um, yes, it was 3 degrees, with a windchill of 20 below. We wore hats. And scarves. And coats. And jackets with hoods under that. And sweaters under that. And long-sleeved T-shirts. And socks up to our knees. And boots. And jeans. And snowpants for the littles. And mittens (all but Momma, who loves the fancy camera with its tiny little buttons more than she loves her fingers).

My Papa, who since my dear Mama died has discovered a love of model trains, asked for photographs of the Trainland exhibit for Christmas. Here (Spoiler Alert, Papa!), are my favorites:

Don't you wish you'd come with us?

Next year.


Anonymous said...

I love miniature stuff, which includes model trains. Maybe we can squeeze in a trip to the Gardens over the holidays...on a day that ISN'T bitterly cold. :>

Jenny said...

You're braver than us- we took the kids up to Indy with the intentions of using our zoo tickets that expire on Dec. 31 and ended up chickening out because of the cold. We're going to try again on Friday.

julie said...

Here's the trick: Dash to Trainland. Get warm inside. Dash to the waters exhibit. Get warm inside. Dash by the polar bear and walrus on your way to the dolphin show or the desert exhibit. Get warm inside. Dash back to the exit of the waters exhibit. Get warm inside. Leave the waters exhibit through the entrance and dash to the gift shop. Have male counterpart warm up car while you browse. When male counterpart pulls car up, dash in.

Go get hot chocolate.