Monday, October 13, 2008

Tree People

We were tree people today. Tree people can spend half a day frolicking in the half-tree's worth of leaves that fall from the next-door-neighbor's maple in one day, enjoying their soft yellow awesomeness before they get all damp and gross and have to be raked over onto the lasagna garden:
Tree people can spend the other half of the day going up and down, up and down the "climbing tree" over at Bryan Park. Our Sydney made one more leap into big-girl territory by climbing all by herself higher than my head:
This rationally leads, of course, to the next milestone, which is her first tree climbing-related injury:
She is so hardcore.

Perhaps motivated by the strange message left for me on my study table while I was out of the room--
--I finished our family's Halloween bunting:
It's another one with recycled blue jean pennant flags and bias tape made from a remnant of brown cotton. I printed the letters out onto freezer paper, which I then ironed onto felt. I hand-cut out all the letters, peeled off the freezer paper, temporarily attached the letters to the flags with a glue stick, and carefully appliqued them on using the freehand stitch attachment on my sewing machine:

I'm actually really fond of the felt, which is a brand called Eco-Spun that is made from recycled plastic bottles--I'm not in love with wool felt, on account of the sheepies it comes from, so it's nice to have an eco-friendly acrylic option.

Tomorrow, the girls and I are going to explore the joy that is Contact paper when creating Halloween tree ornaments. The day after that, I think I'll break out the power drill for the exact same purpose--mwa-ha-ha!

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