Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Latest over at Crafting a Green World: Eco-Friendly Easter

True story: I thought that Easter was this Sunday. A company actually wanted to host a giveaway over at Crafting a Green World this week, and I deterred their rep because the timing would be too tight. Because I thought Easter was this Sunday.

Even more embarrassing: it took a trip to Wal-mart (where I desperately needed to buy the kids chocolate rabbits for their Easter baskets, since I thought Easter was this Sunday) to teach me the actual date of Easter this year, because they had signs up everywhere. Yep, classy all around, I am.

Anyway, now you at least have plenty of time to check out my roundup of tons of eco-friendly Easter egg tutorials (my favorite are the wooden, felted wool, and papier mache eggs)--

--and my review of Natural Earth Paint's natural egg dye kit, which we LOVED:

Yes, her hands are filthy, but that thumbnail is an injury entitled Willow vs. 20lb Rock.

I actually really like Easter crafting, so I'm excited that we've got a few more weeks to do it! I *think* we're going to decoupage tissue paper onto wooden eggs today, but right now the kids are downstairs building three swords out of PVC pipes, and then they're probably going to want to get started on the catapults, so the sweet little afternoon of decoupaging Easter eggs and listening to the Easter Parade soundtrack may not happen.

Siege warfare and hand-to-hand combat, however? That's looking like a given!


Tina said...

That's kinda funny about thinking this Sunday was Easter. Bet the kids would have loved it if you hadn't figure it out until the week before the 'real' Easter :0)

Swords and catapults sound mighty interesting!

julie said...

Will's Entertainment Technology Girl Scout badge partially covers theme park design, so they've got her doing some real physics and some virtual, Rollercoaster Tycoon-type physics--that's what got us onto the catapults.

And for this buddy's birthday party, I let them scroll through my Crafting: Kids Crafts pinboards to see if anything struck their fancy to make, and that PVC pipe sword tutorial jumped right out at Syd. Both kids have made one by now (although Syd still needs to make another for herself, since the one she made is for her buddy), and I'm surprised at how great they are. They feel really good in your hand--you could do some good whacking with these!


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